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Funko Pop! Covers - WWE - Hulk Hogan WrestleMania III #04

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Funko Pop! Covers - WWE - Hulk Hogan WrestleMania III #04


Relive WrestleMania III with Funko’s Pop! Covers Vinyl Figure!

WWE’s WrestleMania, the granddaddy of all their pay-per-view events, is host to historic wrestling events. Among its most-attended events include WrestleMania III, where 93,173 fans watched Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant face off for the WWF Championship as its main event. About two minutes into what was billed as “the biggest main event in sports entertainment”, Hogan was almost overpowered by the 7-foot-4, 520 pound Andre, who betrayed his former best friend in exchange for his long-awaited shot at the championship. Eventually, Hogan would amaze the audience by slamming Andre and one leg drop later, Hogan vanquished his greatest challenge to date and beat the previously undefeated Andre the Giant.

Recreating a promotional shoot for the 1987 event, Pop! Hulk Hogan stands with his WWF Championship around his waist inside an oversized protective hard case, which includes the very inspiration as a backdrop. An awesome display piece for any collection, be sure to pair him with WWE - Andre the Giant WrestleMania III Pop! Covers Vinyl Figure for the ultimate main event in your collection!




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